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October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

The technology that we were introduced to in class was motion-detection. A webcam acts as an input that senses your every movement. For example, you are sitting in front of a webcam, and watching yourself on the computer screen. You wave your finger around, and the cursor on the screen moves with it. Being a gamer, the first thing that came to mind, was the Wii console, which I felt, uses pretty similar, if not, the same motion-sensing technology.  It is revolutionary and has changed the gaming world forever. It heightened my excitement, and I decided to do my very own game. I wanted to combine my love for comic books and games and come up with a superman game. It is a pretty simple concept with superman fighting the bad guys in the city of Metropolis. The users are controlling superman, and are suppose to battle the villains. The users will get to see and hear comic book effects and sounds, as soon as there is confrontation between superman and the villains.

Visuals – As a designer, I wanted to come up with a simple design, which would not be too overwhelming, and would distract the users from the game. I wanted the users to feel that they are looking at an interactive comic book page, which I hope, I achieved.

Coding – There are three AS files that I looked at from Dan’s samples, the OstrichCamera.as, fairy.as and samplebutton.as. These were there samples that were closer to what I wanted to do with my program. The challenges that I had were the use of sprite, movie clip classes and using sound. The other challenge was either using an ‘if statement – hitTestObject’, when superman hits the villain. I figured out that we are not really “hitting” the other object but are motion over it.  I think with some trouble shooting, I figured it all out, thankfully.

Flight from Sahara, is one of the games that I researched. It not only senses motion but also senses sound. The user motions to move the plane and make noises to shoot at the opposing planes.

– Erick Souza, a flash platform developer, also did a few experiments with motion-detection. Please click here to see some of these experiments.

I went through AS files of other motion-sensing games and concepts, and compared them to Dan’s AS files, in order, to get a better understanding of motion-detection. What I noticed is the frequent use of BitmapData class. From Adobe Help, I gathered that it manipulates bitmap images in various ways at runtime. I have some idea of how it works and also understand the use of this class, depending on the idea we have, but I was wondering if Dan could give us a bit of an explanation of this class.


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