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Wow! My last “Web Authoring I” project, and boy was this one interesting. I created an mp3 player, which might be easy enough for some but for someone who has no experience prior to this course, it was challenging. I was thinking of creating a game at first, but felt I have created one for the tilt assignment in Multimedia pioneering. Fresh out of our club project, I was influenced by sound and being a music lover, it seemed like a natural move to do something music related. I decided to create a customized mp3 player, where you can change your backgrounds by the buttons provided at the bottom.

Understanding the Classes

There were hundreds of tutorials on creating hundreds of different mp3 players with hundreds of different methods but nothing that made me understand the concept on why we used some of the classes that are available in actionscript 3. I just wanted to break it down to the simplest task, such as creating a simple mp3 player, building a sound spectrum and then customize it to my own liking. I think my understanding became a bit easier because I was already looking at sound recorders and note detection and many different classes and methods such as microphone class to help us understand, well, “sound,” in Flash and it has been a great learning experience for me. SoundMixer class was a method that has been introduced in AS3. It gives us a method called computeSpectrum that takes a shot of the existing sound wave and inserts it in the ByteArray Object.  There are fixed floating values of 512, with half of them representing left channel and the other half representing the right channel. Lastly, it was the SoundTransform object that set up the volume, right speaker and left speaker. Adobe provides a good example on how to create a spectrum and was very helpful to me. I have to say that Adobe.com is a great website, they broke everything down to the last tiny bit, made it easier for a noobie like me, to understand it.


The problems that I did face were figuring out how I can allow the user to play their own songs on to the mp3 player and the other concept that I could not figure out was how I could have an interactive background for my mp3 player. User can interact with it and while listening to songs. I tried creating just a moving background, and importing it as an swf file in my mp3player.fla and calling it through my library but it did not work. These are the few things that held me back but I was very relieved with the final product.


I have created all the designs in Illustrator. Creating different backgrounds for different kinds of moods and songs.


Web Authoring I, has definitely been a learning experience for me and definitely a challenging one. At times I find a few things to be really easy and sometimes I find them to be really overwhelming. I noticed that I enjoy it a lot more when I do a lot of research and breaking everything down. Hopefully, I will wrap my head around programming a lot quicker in the next few months to come. I really want to do well in this class and I just hope I keep at it. I’m also looking forward to creating our portfolios as well.


I have uploaded my swf onto the imm server. Here is a link to it




Multi-User Project – “The Love Slide”

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Yes! It is what it sounds like but more on that later. Lets start with a little explanation on Robin, which is actually a Flash and PHP multiuser server system. Robin lets you code and create multi-user games and chat rooms.

This project was a quick one, but definitely an interesting one because I got to learn and play with multi-user technology and most importantly I got to customize it.


So the concept is a funny one, well depends on how you look at it. The term is about to come to an end and we are all very tired. So I decided to humor myself a little. So the name of the program is “The Love Slide,” it is what it sounds like. It is actually based on an old rock song, written about sex. I decided to look for some tribal symbols, mostly tattoos actually, one, which represents a penis (the arrow head one) and the other, which represents a vagina (the red one). Each user controls one of them. Once, you get those two symbols together, you see a bunch of sperm on screen. Please don’t hate me Dan! It is just an idea! : )


The penis and vagina symbols, as well as the sperm were created in adobe Illustrator.


Boy did I have a hard time making ROBIN work! The key was to follow the steps exactly how you taught us to do but at times, you still sort of miss things but I’m glad I’ve been taking notes and it helped me get through some of the problems I was having. The other problem I was having was scaling the symbols. I wanted them to remain a specific size, when the users would move them around. The problem I was having was that they scaled way too large when the users brought them close to each other. I figured it out by simply importing the symbols to a size that I wanted and that helped the size remain consistent. The other problem, that pretty much, everyone of us was having was that sometimes one of objects would show up and the others wouldn’t on someone else’s computer, but, what we noticed is that it was more of a server issue and the symbols would come and go sometimes. Lets hope, when I show it to you tomorrow, it works perfectly!

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