Android Packager

February 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Android Packager allowed us to install are flash-created applications onto the Android phone/tablet.  I think the main goal of these sorts of assignments is to get the installation process correctly.

Installation Process

Dan provided us with a step by step process to create an Android emulator as well as the Adobe Air onto Flash CS5. After downloading the android program, we went on to install it and then downloaded a few packages from the emulator creation window and created a new emulator. We tried out several Android emulators, but the one that worked the best was the 2.2 version. We then downloaded the Adobe Air SDK 2.5, from which we took the runtime.apk file and copied it over platform-tools folder of the android. We went into the DOS window (PC) and went through a few steps to successfully install the android emulator device.


At home, I tried the steps on Mac and was quite successful in installing my application. The process was exactly the same as it was for the PC.  However, when I was installing the iPhone package from my mac, it was alot easier then it was to do it through the PC.

Android Package vs iPhone Package

I felt that the installation process of the iPhone package was alot more professional  then compared to the Android process, which I felt was an easier one but a lengthier one. We did had to go through more steps in creating the iPhone then the Android.

Here is a good blog article, which gives a clear and concise breakdown and key differences between the Air for Android and IOS Packager capabilities.

Here is an article that talks about Flash being slightly faster on an Android.

This articles provides us with two different steps to install Android Package files onto the Android. The second process provided is exactly the same as what we followed.


Overall Experience

It was a challenging process to go through but a great process to learn for future use. I think i am confident enough to say that I can create an application and successfully move it onto an Android phone.



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